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Ngūgī describes this book as 'a summary of some of the issues in which I have passionately involved for the last twenty years of my practice in fiction, theatre, criticism and in teaching of literature...'

He starts with a statement: 'This book, Decolonising the Mind, is my farewell to English as a vehicle for any of my writing. From now on, it is Gīkūyū and Kiswahili all the way.'


Our Journey

Embark on an unparalleled literary odyssey with MΛTHΛGΛ, a haven of extraordinary books and one-of-a-kind treasures. Our purpose is to bridge the timeless essence of today's dynamic generation with the intricate threads of their heritage. Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully curated collection, featuring legendary works, linguistic marvels, historical chronicles, cultural jewels, poetic reverie, and enthralling narratives.

Regardless of your proximity, our online store ensures these treasures find their way to you, transcending borders and touching hearts. Step into our physical store nestled in the heart of Kikuyu town, where the whispers of bygone eras invite you to craft fresh narratives - for in the heart of the embers, home finds it's sanctuary.

'Mũciĩ nĩ ndoogo' ~ Agĩkũyũ proverb