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We are an online store that sells Agīkūyū books and cultural items. We deliver anywhere in Kenya and abroad.

Our story

We belong to the generation that grew up listening to our grandparents’ folk stories by the fire - ng'ano cia marimū, exchanging Agīkūyū riddles (ndaī), munching on ash-baked sweet potatoes and roasted maize as we waited for dinner to cook on the three-stones fire. Sadly, our generation’s grandparents are naturally fading away.  But that doesn’t mean that their stories, histories and culture should disappear. The joy of learning about Agīkūyū folklore and being given riddles to solve is something we want the next generation to be able to experience. Even their children in the distant future. That's where we come in.

MATHAGA is an independent, non-partisan online bookstore whose aim is to bridge the gap and connect the modern generation of Agīkūyū to their history, traditions, culture and heritage. With a collection of books from renowned and independent publishers and topics ranging from children's folklore, learning gīī-gīkūyū language, history, culture, proverbs, poetry and fiction, you can now buy Agīkūyū books online and have them shipped to wherever you are - locally and internationally.  Our passion is curating the past, preserving it for future generations to help create new memories around the fire.

 You can also buy cultural gifts HERE, download freely-available books and explore other resources HERE