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THIMO CIA AGĪKŪYŪ Vol 1 by Kamau Wango

THIMO CIA AGĪKŪYŪ Vol 1 by Kamau Wango

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Thimo Cia Agīkūyū, (The proverbs of the Agīkūyū) is a thorough and extraordinary study. In fact, it is first of it's kind on the first comprehensive study of the genre in Kenya.

This book is a profound exposition of Agīkūyū values. The author has explored a wide spectrum of the meaning, implication and application of the Agīkūyū proverbs. He demonstrates admirable sensitivity to truth and validity by situating the proverbs within their social settings.

There is no doubt that some of the pitfalls of development in Kenya have come as a result of being unable to understand what our people want, what they believe in, their moral values and their philosophy of life. A study of the folkloristic forms is a critical component of formulation of policy.




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