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MŪGŪRE NA CEGE By Benson M. Gakahũ

MŪGŪRE NA CEGE By Benson M. Gakahũ

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Set in a small pre-colonial village of Mang'u, Mũgũre na Cege is a book whose aim is to teach people about the traditional crops and foods of the Agĩkũyũ people. 

Mũgũre was the eldest wife of Cege, a wealthy farmer who had a big farm where he grew all types of Agĩkũyũ crops.  Mũgũre spent most of her time teaching other women the traditional techniques of planting, growing, harvesting and preparing the food.

The book also contains several proverbs and riddles that are connected to Agĩkũyũ foods.

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