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The people of the continent of Africa are a great multitude blest by their creator with a diversity of spiritual, mental, social, and cultural backgrounds. Even with their diversity, the African is very similar to another no matter what part of the earth they find themselves in. This similarity in physique, belief, and spirituality that is experienced from the North to the South of Africa must therefore be interrogated.

This book does not bring an overbearing of thoughts and feelings into what I believe. It is in fact written at an opportune time when Africans are curious to know who they are and where they came from. In my thoughts as expressed in this book and supported by various other African scholars and teachers of African spirituality, I have noted the importance of the Ancient civilization of Khemet which is arguably the source of all Africanism.

In this civilization, the black person had self-rule, knew how to read and write, initiated arithmetic and different people had mastered arts like construction, animal and food husbandry and illustrative representation of speech and ideas. Moreover, sciences like astrology were practiced and Africans knew how to tell the weather and seasons through observation of constellations. Worship of deities was also strongly practiced and no one grew without knowing of the essence of God in their lives.

It is in ancient Khemet (Now Egypt) that scholars from all over the world would go to learn mathematics and the use of language for the advancement of their cities. In short, the world would not have known a lot of what is now called civilization of any sort (including spiritual knowledge) without the presence of Khemet thus the presence of the black person. I am therefore opening a way for further interrogation to be done by other well-meaning authors to ensure that our future generations become more self-aware and knowledgeable about who they are and what their ancestry stood for.

In my view, people that do not know about their past or remain ignorant about their background will remain slaves of the people that choose to tell their story.

The African narrative must be told from an African point of view to ensure that the truth of the African people is advanced beyond the colloquial lies of the so-called “western civilization” which has taken place at the expense of Africa as a people. I begin by telling this truth and request to be joined in telling our younger generations henceforth that the melanin in their skin and body is God-given and is more than just skin color, it is long life, it is strength, it is agility, it is adaptation and many more. You are African and you are superior.

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