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MAUMAU IN MERU - The Untold Story By JST Kamunchuluh

MAUMAU IN MERU - The Untold Story By JST Kamunchuluh

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This is a pioneering, authentic and challenging book on a complex, global event; an event which remains a misrepresented and dark, unknown period of UK colonial history. The Kikuyu tribu is widely seen as the originators of African Nationalism but this text focuses on the Meru tribe and their role in the Mau Mau, therefore giving the first comprehensive picture of the Mau Mau. 

It is a passionate account of first hand testimony, archive and oral history. It will shake the myths of this revolution as a villainous, barbaric, savage ingratitude against the Empire. We will learn why the Mau Mau was not as history suggests an illness, a psychological trait, or religious cult and we learn the external and internal conditions and tribal interplay that drove the Mau Mau (and Meru) to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

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