Mūrumbo - Traditional Portable Stool

Mūrumbo - Traditional Portable Stool

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Mūrumbo is a special traditional stool that was used by special men in the Agīkūyū community such as council of elder (athuuri a kīama), medicinemen (arigitani), blacksmiths (aturi) or wealthy men (itoonga) when attending important gatherings and ceremonies such as kīama sessions.  Being a small stool in size, it was usually carried on the shoulder by the men or their male helpers (ndongomothi). 

Our mūrumbo has been hand-carved by master wood carvers from the traditionally-used trees of Mūringa, Mūrurī and Mūthaitī. The designs are original Agīkūyū designs that were used by council of elders (athuuri a kīama) and wise-men (athamaki). They have been smoke-aged with sweet smelling olive (mūtamaiyū) wood to give them a rustic finish and antique smell.

Size: 12” diameter, 12” height


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