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MUTHAMAKI WAIYAKI WA HINGA - The Untold Story (Hard-cover) By Njoroge Regeru

MUTHAMAKI WAIYAKI WA HINGA - The Untold Story (Hard-cover) By Njoroge Regeru

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This story is long over-due. It is a sad commentary on our society's treatment of it's heroes and heroines that this story has remained untold for so long. For that long, the life and exploits of mūthamaki Waiyaki wa Hinga, who belongs in the foremost ranks of our freedom fighters and liberators, have remained unrecorded and celebrated. As this story lay unappreciated, the oppressors of yesteryear have been hard at work, engaged in distortion and revisionism. This book sets out to break the silence, remedy the default, reinstate the true narrative and restore the honour and glory that rightfully belong to  our martyrs and liberators.


Njoroge Regeru is a lawyer engages in private legal practice. At the urging of his kinfolks, Mr. Regeru donned a new hat and undertook the audacity and ambitious project of tracing the roots of the Hinga lineage to which he belongs and in the process, telling the untold story of the indomitable pioneer of the freedom struggle, Muthamaki Waiyaki wa Hinga. The result is this book which at once represents the first documented history of the Hinga lineage and at the same time records and celebrates the valour and sacrifices of those gallant sons ans daughters of our land who bartered their lives in exchange for our freedom and dignity.

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