DR. SEBI BIBLE- The Ultimate Guide to a Disease Free Life By Serena Brown

DR. SEBI BIBLE- The Ultimate Guide to a Disease Free Life By Serena Brown

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Most of the successful healing transformations failed – not once, not twice, but multiple times!

But....they figured it out eventually....

What's your own story? Maybe the diet was a fad? Maybe the timing wasn't right? Maybe you didn't think things through? Or things were a little overwhelming?

Whatever the reason is...

What could be a better way to move forward than to learn from the successes of someone who went from 189 pounds to 137 pounds, successfully reversed high blood pressure, cured secondary infertility, ended resistant Urinary Tract Infections, Chronic pain, and reversed hair loss in less than 4 months?

Quite alright everyone moves at their own pace. Take your time....

Just don't give up! Don't let your healing motivation die...

Transform that body of yours into the sacred, disease-free being you've always wanted.


GET 2 FREE BONUSES when you buy this paperback book:

1. A 109 Page Dr. Sebi Healing Planner and Tracker Workbook for staying on track

2. The Dr. Sebi Starter Kit Challenge (A 12 Page Guide with Exclusive Recipes)

–Learn all that You Need to Know About the Dr. Sebi Healing Methodology with this 7 in 1 book...

...all for more than 50 percent discount value!


    Specifically, in this book, you'll learn SEVEN KEY TOPICS;

    –1. Detox Plans for Colon, Kidney, Liver and Full-body cleanse

    –2. Cures for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Lupus,

    –3. Treatments for Cancer, Herpes, STDs, HIV

    –4. Fasting - Water, Dry, Fruit, Raw Food and Intermittent Fasting

    –5. Approved Herbs, their Benefits, Dosage, How to Prepare and Use

    –6. Sebi Products for Weight Loss, Fertility, Detox

    –7. Over 100 Approved Sebian Recipes

    And More

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